• Area
    28 m2
  • Interior
  • Utilities
  • Duration
    Long term
  • Available from
    19 Feb 2019

Are you studying at the Science Park? Or are you a fan of Amsterdam Oost? Then the houses at the Carolina MacGillavrylaan be perfect for you! The building consists of independent and non-independent dwellings. Your bike you can store in the bicycle storage room and a laundry room. Carolina MacGillavrylaan located in the Watergraafsmeer, next train station Science Park. By bus you're so on the Amstel and tram or bike in twenty minutes in the center. Do you skate, you're also rammed: Jaap Eden Baan is nearby. Are you more of activities like hang pub or watching movies? Then you can pick the Indian near your heart. There you will find cafes and cinema Studio / K. The Flevopark is near, one of Amsterdam's biggest parks include an outdoor pool. Visit what to do.