• Area
    10 m2
  • Interior
  • Duration
    Long term
  • Available from
    21 May 2021

1013NB Amsterdam


There is a room available in shared apartment (50m2, two bedrooms and a living room) in the Westzaanstraat (Spaarndammer neighborhood). The apartment is beginning 2019 completely renovated and equipped. The apartment has (i.a.) dishwasher, washing machine, balcony, within walking distance of the Westerpark and you're within 5 minutes cycling to Amsterdam Centraal. There's one way so there is the possibility to carry furniture. The bedroom is available is 8m2. I'm looking for a working male roommate who find it fun to do things together, such as eating and watching football, but also does his own thing. Working at home with two people is no problem, there is enough space in the room to work (see photos). The rent is € 785, - excl. The contract is for an indefinite period. DM intesse! - LOOKING FOR A MALE ROOM MATE There will be a room available in the shared apartment (50m2, 2 bedrooms, 1 living room) on the Westzaanstraat (Spaarndammer neighborhood). The apartment has leg completely renovated at the start of 2019 and is fully equipped. The apartment includes (among other things) a dishwasher, washing machine and a balcony. It is within walking distance from the Westerpark and Amsterdam Central Station is within a 5 minute bike ride. Because my current roommate is leaving there is The Possibility to bring your own furniture. The bedroom is 8m2 That Becomes available. I am looking for a male room mate who is working or graduating who likes to be social (for instance by eating together and watching soccer) but usefull likes doing his own thing. The rent is € 785 excl. I have a permanent contract for the apartment. Please DM When interested.

Desired tenant
  • Gender
  • Status
    Student, Working student