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    Long term

Hello possible new housemate,
We are looking for a third housemate for the best room in our beautiful house in the centre of Amsterdam. The room has a private bathroom and a terrace. The house has a shared big kitchen, a garden, a dish washer, an oven, a milk foamer, bicycle pump, etcetera. In short: the house is furnished and equiped, the room is freshly painted, has laminate flooring, curtains, bed with mattress and bedding. There are some cupboards, in your room and on other places in the house. The price includes all bills included and you can register. In total there will be living in the house: you, Wim (a 'way-past-21-year-old' photographer) and Yoann (a 31-year-old French science researcher).

If you are friendly, considerate and like privacy as well as an occasional shared meal or beer, give me a shout! We prefer a female housemate. We don't want to turn it into a man's house.

Desired tenant
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    Student, Working student